Dianna Lee

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Phone 07773025844


Using the latest embroidery software and industrial embroidery machines

I can deliver almost any embroidery.

We can use a high resolution image supplied by yourself to convert into an embroidery or you can choose an image from our in house designs.

I supply clothing and have around 3'000 styles to choose from.

Alternatively you can bring your own clothing/items for embroidery.

Below are some examples of commissioned embroideries produced by

Dianna Lee Embroideries.

You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to view further examples. 

White peacock feather embroidery
Piebald horse embroidery
Commissioned embroidery, Derbyshire
Commissioned Illustration embroidery
Man V Horse embroidery
Travel Chair embroidery
Man V Horse embroidery
Personalised British flag embroidery
Tribal vibes embroidery
Beautician embroidery
Apron embroidery, Ashbourne
Rosca Horsemanship embroidery
Logo embroidery Belper Wirksworth Ashbourne Matlock Derby Derbyshire UK