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About Dianna Lee Embroideries

Hi my name is Dianna Lee. I am a qualified clothing designer. I worked in the apparel industry designing clothing for the high street multiples for around twenty years. You could say I pretty much know the in’s and out’s about prints, embroideries and garment construction. However, soon after I started a family, working as a designer with long hours and a lot of traveling involved all became too demanding with a young family. Since then the clothing industry has changed significantly. As to not retire totally from the creative industry, I have been working since 2010 as an artist and illustrator using freehand and Computer Aided Design, just one of many areas of a clothing designers role.

Why embroideries? you may well ask. Earlier this year I invested in a fantastic and rather expensive machine for an area in clothing design I have always loved. I was hoping to incorporate the embroidery into my art. However earlier this year a group of fantastic local ladies was formed with the name in the photograph, which I am now part of. After they decided on their name, they asked me to design a logo and decided to take it all the way to an embroidery. Well this is where it all began. 12 Turnditch T**s hoodies.

Since then I have embroidered 50 garments (hoodies, t-shirts and polos) for Whole Earth, Man V Horse, for the horse team. Aprons for a fantastic local cocktail company. 30 scented eye pillows, embroidered face cloths and garments for a young film maker. 

This is now a fast growing local business that prides itself to give you an individual, quality and personal service.

I am a new company for embroideries, but as you can see my working experience of almost now thirty years, will I hope assure you, I can deliver exactly what you need in design and embroidered garments.

Embroideries in Belper, Wirksworth, Ashbourne, Matlock, Derby Derbyshire and throughout the UK
Our Service


We will endeavour to find out your exact requirements to make the best of the product you want. Delivering design and quality for all your embroidery needs.

Our Facilities


Our set up is currently from an office in a home environment (cottage industry) with two quality embroidery machines and extensive computer aided design packages linked to the machines.

Due to increase demands, we will be moving soon into a studio setting at the same situ.

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